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Planning Your Wedding Night

Planning Your Wedding Night

5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Night

Planning Your Wedding Night : Sex on Your Wedding Night – 5 Tips for Success! Č First of all, congratulations on surviving all the planning that has led up to your wedding day celebration. This is likely to be a fun, but long and tiring day. Here are five tips to help your wedding night sex be sensational:

1.Consider “Wedding Night” as the “Wedding Night Weekend”.You probably didn’t get much sleep before the wedding. And you’ve been greeting relatives, dancing and drinking all day and into the evening. Once you make your getaway from the reception, you might get a second wedding night free if you manage to get a good night’s sleep and relax enough to enjoy the celebration. If you’re not sure how to sleep after all the wedding festivities, consider hitting up a hotel room.

2.Postpone “That Time of the Month”.If you’re on the birth control pill and your wedding and honeymoon happen to chance right at that time of the month, you should postpone any further sexual activity until the “when” menstruates. This way, no matter how excited you are — you’ll be protected from an STI’s potential.

3.Cuddle with the honeymoon suite.If therationsbreak and everything looks like it’s going to be one of those “quickie” type marriages, it helps to cuddle with the Honeymoon suite. This can be a fun and a romantic way to spend the wedding night. There is, however, a clear danger of increasing the urge, especially if the Honeymoon suite is large enough that you have to spend way more time than usual there just to get done.

4.Try a hotel.There have been a few tips and tricks for awhile that involve not-so-subtle ways to stay around the honeymoon suite without feeling like an over-the-counter motel room. Try a hotel room on the second floor of an hotel. The walls are less likely to creak as a result of structural appeal but the furniture may be standard and you’ll still be able to hook up there. You’ll want to check in with hotel staff to make sure there isn’t anything rooms that look like panic room and if you think you need security due to the structure, you can alwaysoggle the signs and go through them after getting settled.

5.Use a blanket.Unless you love to be caught with your clothes on, go to the drive-in and watch a movie together. Or even better, pull up a blanket and sleep together in your own sleeping bag. The blankets will cover up the cots that may have been uncovered during the wedding or the honeymoon phase. 비아그라 퀵 배송

6.Martial arts: Learn from an expert. Whether you want to try out karate classes or take up a do kicking classes, you can accomplish this. Even if you think you’re a self-confident and secure sensual lover, you may need to learn some new tricks. Zumm won’t fly you far now, but a few months of lessons under a experienced teacher may really make a difference.

7.Wife: Talk to your husband about it.A lot of newlyweds make the mistake of thinking that their men need physical gratification as well. Most men don’t, but you don’t want to make your husband feel guilty about it either. Talking to him can be tough, but if you’re hoping to revamp your sex life, it’s well worth it. Planning Your Wedding Night

8.Kids: Include them in your sex life.By kids, I mean kids. If you have young children, then you can relate to not having time for sex. You have to tough it out and find alternatives. Positions, toys, frequency and location are ideas you can experiment with.

9.Relationships: Have more sex.Husbands and wives rarely have time for nookie, but with children now a growing number, you have to find a way to make time for a wild night of romance. Sometimes, even a quickie is OK, but more often than not, you want to spice things up and do something spontaneous. There just isn’t time during the day, so figure out what you have to save for bedtime.

10.Stress: Deal with it.Modern life every gives us stresses. This is life. You deal with them, or they deal with them. Maybe the children are a real handful and the housework never seems to end. This is when masturbation comes into play. Sometimes you don’t have time for a real sex life, but this practise is for the adults.

See how you grade your performance on a scale from 1 to 10. Note your time and usefulness. This is usually a good idea, but you will want to encourage the child to participate. The next time you want to get down and dirty, you can use one of the following hobbies to keep things interesting. Planning Your Wedding Night

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